The Journey Of Native Seedlings Beginning At Our SPAs

With inputs from Angela S., hobby botanist, database lead and volunteer at the Wetlands Centre. The thriving native plant life is what makes our wetlands places of immense beauty and ...
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All About A Backyard Frog Pond

The cacophonous and often noisy sounds of our Aussie amphibians – from the revving of the motorbike frogs to the strum of the banjo frogs and the grumpy wails of ...
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Benedict von Bibra And The Story Of Bibra Lake

Looking at Bibra Lake so full and brimming as we approach the end of winter, it immediately fills us with a sense of peace and tranquillity. The splendid birdlife, the ...
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Narma Kullarck Boardwalk at twilight

Welcome to “Narma Kullarck” Boardwalk & Bird Hide

The first thing everyone experiences as they enter the floating boardwalk after the winter rain is that sensation of walking on water – feeling the gentle swell and sway of ...
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A flock of migratory waterbirds feeding and flying over wetlands

Migratory Waterbirds: Bidding Au Revoir To The International Frequent Fliers

The wetlands around us are flush with islands of congregating waterbirds, many of which are visitors only passing through. We see 36 species of birds each year including plovers, sandpipers, ...
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Meet Our Emblematic Native Flower Kangaroo Paw

The iconic Kangaroo Paw with its vivacious, bright and almost iridescent flower shines through the native foliage. It is a lively presence here where much else is muted. The Kangaroo ...
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Our Wetlands In A Changing Climate

As ecosystems that thrive on so little, our wetlands are delicate. Yet they are abundant sources of water in this growingly water-starved world. They are carbon sinks, that remove and ...
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A collage of microbat images, both flying and close-ups

Shedding Light On The Secret Lives of Microbats in Perth

It is common to see bats flying around streetlights on most nights – Their dark silhouette and mid-air antics. They are so fast, they are often hard to identify. Come ...
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An aerial view of Bibra Lake on a sunny day

Saving Bibra Lake

Cradled in the swales of the ancient dunes of the Swan Coastal Plain, and spanning over 384 hectares are the Beeliar Wetlands! They are bustling with stunning biodiversity, that include ...
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People in a wetland catchment involved in a citizen science project

5 Fun Ways You Can Help Your Wetlands With Citizen Science

Nothing compares to the joy of giving! It is immense. And it is this shared joy and community spirit that are helping us rehabilitate and conserve our vulnerable wetlands. For, ...
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